Mason Dean Capital | The Future or Futures and Forex Trading

Webinar Details

Pip & Run Scalping

Our Pip & Run scalping webinar teaches a high probability active market entry strategy that takes advantage of the tight spreads and fast execution offered through Mason Dean Capital. For the aspiring active FX day trader, this webinar is for you. – 1 hour

High Probability Breakout Trading

Breakout opportunities in the market offer traders positive reward to risk ratios in the market that we all covet. Identifying these set ups is a learning process. With the guidance of the Mason Dean instructor team we can empower you to better identify breakout formations and take advantage. – 1 hour

Chart Reading 101

When it comes to reading and analyzing starts we all started from the beginning. Chart Reading 101 gives you the need to know items on understanding Time Frames, Indicators and Candlestick Patterns, with further coaching available in a one-on-one format with our instructors – 1 hour

The News That Moves Markets

When your risk is well managed, trading on and around news announcements can be a prime opportunity to lock in profits week to week. This webinar helps you focus on the most market moving events and grasp the historic volatility we observe both before and after the most heavily traded news events on the calendar. – 1 hour

Trading Forex Like a Business

Some would argue the psychology of trading is the largest determinant of a trader’s success over the long haul. This webinar serves as a strong reminder system for live traders on key items to have in their trader tool kit at all times to stack the deck in their favor. We also cover the common pitfalls to avoid observed from the decades of experience our Instructor team offers. Trading real funds in the market is a business and in this webinar we help you develop and maintain that mindset. – 1 hour

Mirror Trade

Alongside a self-traded approach, more and more Mason Dean Capital clients are taking advantage of the automated trading solution offered by Mirror Trader. Clients can precisely set their risk parameters and view previous performance when selecting among systems to execute on their behalf. Regardless of your time zone, Mirror Trader enables your trading account to take advantage of opportunities during the US, Europe and Asia trading sessions. Learn the simplicity of operating Mirror Trader in this webinar