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ECN Trading

ECN Trading

True ECN

Mason Dean Capital are able to connect customers through a top tier RFED that provides true ECN trading for institutions and professional traders.

Eligible clients may take advantage of deep liquidity with major FX banks, Trade on liquidity from a wide variety of market participants on a fully anonymous basis, with ultra-tight spreads and transparent pricing via full depth of market (DOM).

Advanced Functionality

View price depth with automatic size-adjusted average price (VWAP), access a range of order types including OCO, peg & iceberg orders, construct your own basket trades, and more.

Robust automated trading capabilities
Customer will have access to robust algorithmic trading capabilities that enable clients to develop and implement a wide range of trading strategies using Java or FIX-based APIs.

Powerful Aggregation Tool

Gain access to a powerful aggregation tool that pools liquidity into a single user interface. The tool aggregates tool accesses streaming executable prices from multiple liquidity sources and automatically displays best price, helping to optimize liquidity and ensure best execution.