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CQG Trader

The speed and reliability of our charting product in a streamlined quote and trading platform CQG Trader is the perfect execution platform for traders who don't require technical analysis tools. Users can take advantage of this powerful application to view market activity, place orders, and track orders and positions Customizable Three-Window Panes CQG supports these order types and durations: Day, Order-Cancels-Order, Fill and Kill, Stop, Fill or Kill, Stop Limit, Good-till-Cancelled, Trailing Stop, Manual Fills, and Trailing Stop Limit DOM Ladder compression is available for thinly traded electronic markets Fills executed outside the CQG Gateway, such as pit trades, can be entered into the Orders and Positions view Net open trade equity for related futures and options positions can be displayed The Order Ticket is a DOMTrader® and order manager all in one. Its depth-of-market (DOM) view provides buy/sell buttons and a set of order management windows. Up to ten buttons are available, depending on your preferences CQG's DOMTrader®, a depth-of-market order execution tool, provides DOM information that gives traders transparency beyond the best bid and offer. For those who trade more than one market, the DOMTrader® includes four tabs at the top of the window. Traders can use the order entry and cancel buttons to better manager their trades. They can also customize the DOMTrader® with eight difference color themes The Quote Board displays open, high, low, last, and net change The Orders and Reports window shows important account details include working orders, filled orders, account balance, open trade equity for futures, unrealized profit/loss for options on futures, collateral on deposit, and more