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FIX Adapter - Connect a non-TT trading system to a TT gateway.

The TT FIX Adapter enables non-TT systems to connect to TT’s trading platform using the industry-standard Financial Information eXchange (FIX) messaging protocol. This means that order management systems, algorithmic black boxes and third-party front-ends can easily connect to the TT infrastructure for high-speed order routing, risk management, position monitoring and market data services. As the world’s leading electronic trading protocol, FIX is integral to many order routing and trading platforms. TT’s commitment to FIX connectivity ensures that customers can gain the benefits of TT’s high performance order routing infrastructure across their entire spectrum of internal and third-party trading systems.

A Few of The Many Benefits TT Fix-Adapter Provides


TT has earned a reputation as the market leader when it comes to speed. TT’s FIX Adapter provides the same ultra-low latency as all TT products. TT’s robust FIX Adapter can process exchange price feeds in real time without sacrificing speed or capacity.


TT's FIX Adapter allows Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs), banks and other organizations to connect existing order routing systems and third-party front-ends with TT’s exchange gateways. You can use the FIX Adapter to request security definitions and market data, including last trade, high, low, settlement, open, close and market depth. You also can configure the FIX Adapter as a back office feed, ignoring orders and market data while forwarding execution data from the exchange to the back office. The FIX Adapter interfaces with TT’s risk management system for monitoring and managing real-time risk limits on all orders placed through the FIX Adapter.


TT has a dedicated team for supporting FIX Adapter customers. Our Development Technical Support (DTS) team will consult with you throughout your development cycle. They are available to work closely with you to most effectively integrate the FIX Adapter with your trading and back office systems. The DTS team also can help you with conformance testing to ensure that your applications are fully integrated with TT’s gateways and applications. And best of all, this support is provided at no additional charge to all FIX Adapter clients.