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X_TRADER® 7 - The Next Generation in Futures Trading

X_TRADER® Pro, TT's premium trading software, delivers a tremendous package of added functionality that features the Autospreader® and Autotrader™ automated trading tools and connectivity to all TT-supported markets. With X_TRADER® Pro, you also get access to X_TRADER® 7 and X_STUDY™, TT's full-featured charting and analytics software, both available at no additional cost.

X_TRADER® Pro also provides free access to TT's complete suite of plug-in products and the X_TRADER® API, so you can expand the functionality of X_TRADER® Pro with TT's off-the-shelf plug-in tools or create your own custom applications to meet your unique needs. And of course X_TRADER® Pro incorporates all of the capabilities that are in the standard X_TRADER® product. View all of X_TRADER® 7's features.

X_TRADER® Pro is loaded with advanced capabilities and automated tools to extend the power of X_TRADER®, and provides expanded functionality and features that can really make a difference in how you trade: Automatically create and trade multiple spreads simultaneously with Autospreader. This automated order management tool easily defines and manages spreads, working the legs automatically to match your desired spread price. Autospreader supports market orders, limit orders, calendar and inter-product spreads. Execute complex trading strategies, quote the market and scalp using links from Excel or formulas directly in the application with the Autotrader feature. Get full access to all TT-connected markets including Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), New York Board of Trade (NYBOT), New York Commodities Exchange (COMEX), ICE Futures, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and Eurex. Choose from an expansive library of free plug-in applications to enhance the functionality of X_TRADER® Pro, and integrate third-party applications developed by members of the TT Partner Program. Access the X_TRADER® API to develop your own proprietary trading tools. The X_TRADER® Platform. Proven Versatility Worldwide. The X_TRADER® platform is used by Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs), proprietary traders, money-center banks, introducing brokers, market makers, hedge fund managers, commodity trading advisors (CTAs), personal investors and corporations to trade in markets across the world. Its proven versatility means there's no doubt X_TRADER® can work for you. X_TRADER® 7 is simply the best tool available to help traders make money. With unsurpassed speed, reliability and ease of use, X_TRADER® 7 provides the best the market has to offer. Innovative technology to meet the demands of the most aggressive traders is combined with ease of use and safety features, which enables you to get up and trading in a matter of moments. TT offers an ever-expanding list of asset classes to trade with the most popular front end in the marketplace.


TT's new ADL (Algo Design Lab) is a visual programming platform that represents a major breakthrough in algorithmic trading. Using drag-and-drop building blocks, traders and programmers alike can rapidly design, test and deploy automated futures and options trading programs without writing a single line of code. With ADL, you can generate executable strategies in hours to seize and act on fleeting market opportunities in timeframes that were previously thought to be impossible.

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Autospreader ® Strategy Engine

TT’s Autospreader Strategy Engine (Autospreader SE) integrates seamlessly with X_TRADER® Professional with zero learning curve for experienced Autospreader users. You can trade synthetic spreads based on implied price, fixed income convention with fractions, net change, ratio and yield. Autospreader SE facilitates ultra-low-latency spread trading on geographically distant exchange platforms.

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Algo Strategy Engine

Algo Strategy Engine (Algo SE), in conjunction with TT’s award-winning ADL™ (Algo Design Lab), presents a revolutionary approach for deploying simple to complex algorithms without complicated programming. Algo SE is based on TT’s Strategy Engine technology, offering high performance with world-class reliability. TT’s ADL and Algo SE let you bring your strategies to market quickly, and execute those strategies with sub-millisecond performance on dozens of exchanges worldwide.

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Synthetic SE

Trading global markets has never been easier. But as new exchange matching engines and products emerge, a host of exchange-specific order types complicates the ability to trade consistently across venues. A new order type introduced on an exchange in Asia may have no functional equivalent in America. With TT's Synthetic Strategy Engine (Synthetic SE), simple to complex synthetic order types can be defined and applied consistently across exchanges worldwide. And the Strategy Engine architecture ensures that synthetic orders are worked and filled with microsecond timing and accuracy.

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